Left hypochondrium

Left hypochondrium

Pain in the left hypochondrium region of the abdomen

The most common causes of pain in the left hypoсhondrium region are diseases and injuries of stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, colon. Diseases and injuries of the chest organs also may elicit pain in this region.

The most common chest organs diseases and injuries includes:

  • left sided pneumonia

  • rib fracture

  • pleuritis

The most common pancreas diseases includes:

  • pancreatic cancer

  • acute pancreatitis

  • chronic pancreatitis

The most common stomach diseases includes:

  • gastric tumors

  • perforative gastric ulcer

  • peptic ulcer disease

  • gastritis

The most common spleen disorders includes:

  • splenomegaly

  • splenic injury

  • splenic abscess

The most common kidney diseases includes:

  • pyelonephritis

  • renal colic

  • urolithiasis

  • renal tumors

The most common colon diseases are colonic tumors especially in the late stage.

In this region may be also radiating pain in the following cases:

  • angina

  • myocardial infarction (heart attack)

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